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Six Reasons Why Non-Profits Need To Offer Donor-Advised Fund Options

One of the best things a non-profit organization can do to increase the number of donations they're bringing in is offer donor-advised fund (DAF) donation capabilities. This type of donating benefits donors, and this in turn can mean more funding for the non-profits they donate to.  The following are six reasons why non-profits need to offer DAF options to their donors.  DAFs offer donors a convenient option for contributing to a philanthropic venture Read More 

A Guide To Buying Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is taking off like wildfire, to the point that someone makes a social media post about this crypto every 3 seconds. It was the first cryptocurrency out of the gate and is the standard-bearer for where the rest of the market is headed. If you're going to be a serious bitcoin investor, it's important that you develop a strong foundation for how it works and what you can do to invest in it. Read More 

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All Things Financial — and You

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